Picis' garden: Rossella and Silvia

The Picis Garden was born ...

....... comes from multiple experiences and personal needs, from the desire and need to escape from a reality that is sometimes a bit heavy, from the desire to surround myself with beauty, harmony, colors and, it will seem strange, perfumes.

When I started to create the first "foellini", as my daughter says, to see something so beautiful, harmonious, delicate as it can only be a flower blossom in my hands, but at the same time so strong and destined to last over time, the wonder and satisfaction was so great that it erased negative thoughts, thus giving me the strength not to be discouraged in the most difficult moments. I had found something that was much more than a hobby ........................ it was almost a cure !!!!

After the first courses of the little ones, as I call them, made with the great "Lucilla Paper Flowers Italia", with whom I had filled the studio, my children renamed the room giving it the name of "The garden of Picis"; Picis is the little girl of the house, Carlotta, and in the world of video games she would be the princess who is saved by the legendary Mario Bross who would be the eldest brother, Niccolò.

Later I participated in a Master Class on giant flowers, made by a very good teacher, Snejana, of Russian origin. Giant flowers are creations born in his country of origin. Back in Florence with all my notes, tips, videos, so as not to forget any important step, with my first flowers made, with the materials to make others, posting my first works, I had a feedback that I would never have imagined, and from that moment it became more serious, and from a hobby, a leisure, something more important began that alone I would not have been able to carry on ............... ..

The two of us:

Silvia                        Rossella 

 ............ it happened that Rossella and I met at a reception of our children's teachers, who attend the same class, the last year of high school. Like all other times we start talking about this and that while waiting to enter the interview, and in speaking it turns out that we had an interest that bound us: "flowers".And so it was that my "Picis Garden",it has become our "Picis Garden".Together we have created many projects, fought for some of them even ambitious and important, all without fear and proud of the results, fortunately also confirmed by your warm support in all our blossoms. .................................................. .........

.............. I still remember when Silvia asked me to enter her garden, I didn't hesitate for a moment, and here I am.

I am an interior designer who is passionate about this fantastic world of giant flowers, a creative and I am excited to see these wonderful creations born from my hands. So we started attending refresher courses, Master Classes, to acquire different techniques and learn the creations of other flowers, to keep up with the news and satisfy our desire to discover new blooms.

Our friendship has allowed us to realize everything we have done so far, we complete each other, we have fun, we compare ourselves, we plan together, we work side by side, we support each other, we correct each other, river calls at all hours for projects, working progress, and this is perhaps the secret of "The Picis Garden", the union of two people who form a team !!!

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

              (Albert Einstein)